Why hello there!!

So—I found myself in a bit of a DNA surprise situation and am trying to figure out WTF is going on.

Join me for the fun.

If you’re a friend of mine I want to keep you up to date. But I don’t want to hear myself tell the same story over and over. I mostly feel open about all this, if only because it’s, well, out in the open. I found out by accident.

I’m a writer and this is a complicated and delicate situation.

My intention is not to invade anyone’s privacy, or to disrupt. But also, WTF. I have to unravel and process this shit. I am myself a bit disrupted right now, to put it mildly. Writing about this is helpful to me.

So I’ll use some pseudonyms and probably modify some details as I learn more, and…let’s go!

Thanks, you.

update: with the release of Our Father, there is renewed interest in donor conception. So, my situation is completely unrelated, but if you are interested in the whole concept (no pun intended) here you go.

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DNA surprises--finding out late in life I was donor conceived.


I'm a person who is unraveling the mystery of how I came to be. It's, well, kind of weird so far.